Teacher Updates

We will post information about our teachers here.  If you have something you would like to share, please email the information to us at newtrier1970@gmail.com.  Thank you.


NTW Principal David Cox and his wife Donna live in Northfield.  He may be reached at davidhcox@aol.com.

NTW Social Studies Chairman James Marran and his wife Barbara live in Winnetka.  Mr. Marran writes:

Thanks so much for your recent e-mail with the invitation to the 40th reunion of the distinguished and memorable Class of 1970.  I would love to attend but that weekend is a major family birthday time so I will be engaged on both Saturday and Sunday with all the celebratory comings and goings.  As a result, I regret that I will not be able to attend but I shall be with you in spirit.

For all of us who were at West as either students or teachers, we recall it as a wonderful place to have been.  Indeed I remember my time teaching there as among the best years of my life.  I cherish every one of them.  My thanks to all the members of the Class of 1970 who were in my classes for helping me recollect it that way.  My warmest best wishes to you all.

Jim Marran
Social Studies

NTW P.E. Chairman John Padjen is now living at the Sunset Assisted Living facility in Buffalo Grove.  Does anyone remember the stretching exercise he had male students do that he called the "Maria"?

NTW Social Studies teacher Miss Nona Cox is suffering from serious dementia but remains the same vivacious, delightful woman.  She lives in the Birchwood Manor Nursing Home in Chicago.

Legendary NTE swimming coach Dave Robertson was seriously injured as a pedestrian by an automobile recently.  You may contact his son, our classmate Dave Robertson, through this website for details and updates on his condition.  Until the accident, he was swimming a mile every day.  You may enjoy this Sports Illustrated article about Coach Robertson from 1961:    http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1072431/index.htm

From: Bill Stewart
Email: billandsally@comcast.net

I enjoyed being Sociology or US History Teacher to many of you. Scaning your class lists has brought welcomed memories. I am happily retired after 34 years at NT which included at various times, Lagniappe, Tri-Ship, and Coaching Girls Track and Cross Country. My best accomplishment was starting a exchange program with Mona Vale, Wilmette's Sister City in New South Wales, Australia. At present over 80 families from New Trier and 80 Pittwater High School have exchanged their sons or daughters for the summers.

Party On! I'm helping to plan my New Trier's class's 50th reunion to be held next fall.