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•   Denis Moreen (Music Teacher, New Trier West)  1/18
•   Doug Schaff  1/18
•   Dusty Humes  1/12
•   Jimmy Williams  1/10
•   Myra Ellen Schwartz  1/9
•   Jay Gottlieb  1/8
•   Walter Radloff  1/8
•   Cathy Lynne Jaffe (Larson)  1/8
•   Susan Lynn Sternberg (Berger Kabaker)  1/7
•   Nancy Teton (Gordon)  1/6
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•   Charles Forrest Durham  1/19
•   Cornelia Green (Juleff)  1/21
•   Dave Grinnell  1/21
•   Lynn Wheelan (Smith)  1/21
•   Thomas Bennett  1/22
•   Monica Graham (Zimmerer)  1/22
•   James R. Hedges  1/22
•   James M. Blesius  1/26
•   Dorie Ellzey (Blesoff)  1/26
•   Nancy J. Farrell  1/26
•   Dennis Lederer  1/26
•   Susan Burgeson (Carpenter)  1/27
•   William Lowe  1/28
•   Dennis Morys (Teacher)  1/28
•   Jennifer (Jenny) Hartz (Kennedy)  1/29
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2 live in Alabama
2 live in Alaska
25 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
1 lives in Armed Forces Europe
118 live in California
46 live in Colorado
14 live in Connecticut
1 lives in Delaware
4 live in District Of Columbia
35 live in Florida
12 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
3 live in Idaho
485 live in Illinois
15 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
9 live in Kansas
5 live in Kentucky
3 live in Louisiana
3 live in Maine
18 live in Maryland
16 live in Massachusetts
17 live in Michigan
20 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
6 live in Missouri
3 live in Montana
3 live in Nebraska
3 live in Nevada
4 live in New Hampshire
7 live in New Jersey
8 live in New Mexico
36 live in New York
16 live in North Carolina
8 live in Ohio
2 live in Oklahoma
16 live in Oregon
14 live in Pennsylvania
4 live in South Carolina
7 live in Tennessee
32 live in Texas
2 live in Utah
1 lives in Vermont
16 live in Virginia
24 live in Washington
2 live in West Virginia
37 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
2 live in Ontario
1 lives in Bolivia
1 lives in Colombia
1 lives in Costa Rica
1 lives in Finland
2 live in France
2 live in Germany
1 lives in Israel
1 lives in Italy
2 live in Mexico
3 live in United Kingdom
225 location unknown

New Trier East/New Trier West High Schools
Class Of 1970

Our 40th reunion has come and gone, but this website will remain online until at least our 50th reunion and hopefully beyond that, too.  This site will continue to be the best way for our class to stay in touch and to let you know about upcoming events, reunions, and news about our classmates.  We therefore urge you to join our website even if you didn't do so for our 40th reunion (see instructions below).  Your email address will remain private unless you reveal it on your profile and we promise not to bother you with too many announcements.  So please continue to update your profiles and upload photos.  This site will serve as our perpetual yearbook, Echoes and Vestiges combined, for a long time to come.

For those who missed (or whose memories are growing fuzzy), our 40th reunion took place on Saturday, June 26, 2010.  It had been carefully planned for a year, but the event almost didn't happen at all because late the Thursday evening just before the reunion, we were notified that the food service at the event venue, Skokie Country Club in Glencoe, had been closed down due to salmonella.  The reunion committee members scrambled and found a more than suitable alternate location at Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette.  As fascinating proof of just how electronically connected our class is, only 13 of the more than 425 attendees showed up at Skokie Country Club, where they were immediately directed to the Wilmette location.  Keep in mind that many of the attendees had already left their homes around the country and were travelling to Chicago when our emergency email went out.  Thank goodness for email and cell phones and texting that helped us get the word out.   It could have been a lot worse – they could have closed down the club the day AFTER our reunion.  The event commenced with junior high reunions at 5pm and the high school reunion at 7:30pm. 


We really would like to continue reach out to ALL junior high school and New Trier High School classmates in our year.  Many classmates only attended junior high school in Glencoe, Kenilworth, Northfield, Wilmette, and Winnetka and did not attend New Trier.  Some went to private high schools or moved away.  They are always invited to our website and future events, too!

We need you to create your profile on the New Trier East/West Class of 1970 website.  In order to do so, click on the "Classmate Profiles" link at the top left.  Then scroll down until you find your name, click on it and follow the directions to complete your profile.  [If your name does not appear, please send an email to]  You can include links to personal and business websites in your profile.  Please upload a photo to your profile, too!  There wasn't a Memory Book created for the 40th reunion, but rather this website served that purpose.  What's more, this website will live on beyond our reunion and you will always be able to update your profile and add photos.  It is recommended that you "lock" your profile in order to limit access to registered classmates only.

If you know of a classmate who is no longer with us, please click on the "In Memory" link on the left and then complete and submit the form.  Please note that on the form you must select the classmate's name from a dropdown list in order to add his/her name.  This list contains the names of ALL of our classmates, living and deceased, approximately 1,500 in all.  Do NOT assume someone is deceased because his/her name is on the dropdown list.  Please note that this information will not automatically be posted to the site's "In Memory" page. Your posting will be sent to the site administrator for final editing and verification.  If the classmate's name does not appear on the dropdown list, please send an email with the relevant information to  Thank you.

New Trier East/New Trier West Class of 1970
40-Year Reunion Committee (in formation):

Lee Brodsky (NTW), Stuart L. Cohen (NTW),
Brian Feldman (NTW), Sandy Markin (NTW),
Judy Meikle (NTE), Lynn Pivan (NTW),
Linda Rubin Shayman (NTW), Jeni Schlueter Spinney (NTE)



"Our purpose is to commit minds to inquiry,
hearts to compassion, and
lives to the service of mankind"

(New Trier High School motto in our day)


NTE Classmate Cori Engelmann's New Book!

Cori Engelmann (now Cori Miller Schaff) has written "Art for All Ages, Reignite Your Artistic Self."  Wherever you are on the artistic scale this book will reconnect you to the creativity you were born with.  Especially designed to be multi-generational, with art activities that can be shared with young and old, children with parents and grandparents, couples, friends, as well as seniors.  A great gift for the holidays.  Check out this link to Cori's book.

Our classmate Eadie Wetzel Davis was a swimmer on the US Olympic team in 1968.  Today she is suffering from ALS.  Please watch this video for more details.

Try this site for some NTE pictures:

Click here for first posted reunion photos:

Just want to thank the reunion committee for a wonderful reunion. Don't know how you managed to find a new site and pull it all off so beautifully. Thanks.

Dianne Sawyer Lipkin

A very special thank you to the entire organizing committee for all of your efforts and hard work, and to Stuart for the incredible website. Thanks to everyone who came. It was fabulous seeing so many people who were a part of my youth and special memories. For a few short hours, I felt like a teenager again, only more mature and appreciative for what I had then and have now. Thanks again for a magical evening. Looking forward to the next reunion! (Hey, how does 5 years sound???) Thanks again! Lisa Bobrow Friedberg

Susan Sternberg Berger Kabaker writes on June 18, 2010:  I am covering the Blagojevich trial - you can follow me live in the courtroom (Monday - Thursday) at and also at

Here is a link to the TV interview our classmate Susan Sternberg Berger Kabaker did about reporting the New Trier hit and run accident for the Chicago Trbune.

To view scores of photos from the Skokie Jr. High School (Winnetka) "Now We Are 50" Reunion from May 3, 2003, go to

Just want to say...this is so fun! I'm talking to people I haven't seen since 8th grade. Give it a try and say hi to someone!

Janet Christensen Kuchar

All male NTE classmates are to report to the NTE pool for mandatory nude swimming instruction!