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Residence: talking rock, GA USA
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chris bosel, 29 yrs
Occupation: retired, social work, business, animal training
Children's Names & Year of Birth: Chad Layton 07-13-74 and
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Dana Layton 07-13-74
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Moved around a lot. Restless. Have lived in Ky, ex was a jockey. Moved to Tn to work w/ horses at school again. Moved to Wash state, bought my Arab horse, as an outlaw. Gentled him as I successfully won the Cancer battle. Riding the base of Mt St Helens was an adrenalin rush. He is a 1990 baby, 28 now, and my 'service animal" in the pasture or walking around the farm, if I fall. He will literally pick me up and has gone into attack mode when he thought I was threatened. Amazing! Shipped him to Geo. when we came over the mountains to care for my mother-in-law. Having been a real estate closer for Merrill Lynch in the N suburbs I forsaw the real estate bubble coming. Retired now do to accidents. Still ride. Can't stop!!

Favorite School Memories:

Ditching lunch and study halls to spend every afternoon in the Art dept. Hello JP, hall guard. Went nose to nose W/advisor chairmen for wearing pants. Told I would wear a skirt, she smiled. I then showed her the position I would be sitting in behind a pottery wheel, legs spread facing her, in a mini skirt. Her face changed, I mean, I said I would wear a skirt, what more did she want??!!........ Kit Wielandt, my co-hurt in crime, started wearing pants. What did she have to fear? She became an emancipated teen so she could graduate from NTE and not have to go back with her parents to the Embassy in Pakistan. Who there knew her back ground??? Always study your advisary, (Big mistake the government made in Nam) her guard animal in the middle east was a black, one person, Cat. On leash or shoulders. More than 1 male fled from from the rath of Kit and Michie! Kit got bored w/ her degree in electronics and is a Vet. I was very quiet in school but learned to stand my ground and found my autonomy. Anyway, the guys threatened to wear skirts, we girls laughed and pants were History!!!!! Well there's a little history from the 60's.

Junior High School Attended:

Skokie Jr High`

High School Attended: (NTE, NTW, or name of another school)


Colleges Attended & Degrees:

-Huntlea Horse Center, Waco ,TN, trainer & instructor. My instructor studied equines under the Hungarian Olympic Team and was rewarded by the Queen of England for her work in WW2 doing research in radar; and then for her spy work in Hungary in 1946. Fascinating person, rather intimidating, so very introspective and intelligent. Helped me finish training my half wolf, half german shepard .
- Harper Jr college, Lib arts, psyc, soc major.
-National Collage of Education, BA in Applied Behavioral Science.
Psyc & business major.
-Went back to Harper recreationaly later, as I continued pottery, and not only cost effective, but no one else would kiln my work! Hugh pots all hand made coils. Some 30-40 lbs.

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Karen Wire layton has a birthday today.
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