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Residence: San Jose, CA USA
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Married 33 years currently seperated
Occupation: Engineering Manager / College Lecturer
Children's Names & Year of Birth: Patrick: 1980
Jacqueline: 1984
Christine: 1988
Military Service: Army  
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From the summer of 1970 onwwards

Started at Northern Illinois University the summer I graduated. Worked my way through college on the Chicago Northwestern Railroad laying rail and working in local foundry pouring iron. Cooked a lot of chicken and mopped and lot of floors too. Joined the Army after gradudation and made the heady rank of sergeant twice (something to do with "Gross Insubordination" got me demoted the first time I was a sergeant). I attended Graduate School at night. I was told during my reenlistment talk that I was a good soldier but I needed to find my own Army. I was honorably discharged after my 3 year enlistment time was up.

I married my best friend in the Army sister and we lived in Wilmette during the worst winter in Chicago history (78-79)and she decided for both of us that we should move back to her home town of San Jose Ca.

For the last thirty years I have worked in the Software Industry as an Engineering Manager and Director of Engineering for big companies like Intel and Cisco, medium companies like Palm, Juniper and Amdocs and then for a few start ups. Sixteen years ago I started teaching full time at Santa Clara University (where I coach the boxing team) and San Jose State in their Graduate Schools of Engineering while continuing to work full time during the day. My work now focuses on taking over failing software projects and getting them in shape.

I have one son named Patrick and two beautifull daughters who have a lot of spunk in them. My wife and I are going through a divorce after 33 years of marriage but the kids are still with me and so are the two dogs (a bull dog and a pug).

I still play touch football so if anyone wants to have a game after the party.....

Favorite School Memories:

Not sure if they are my favorite memories but the ones that have stayed with me the longest are:

Two-a-days in August (if you don't know what that means consider yourself lucky).

Evan Ellis and Ron Klein; men I will never forget and have tried to model my life after.

Latin with Ms Patterson and the day she said "Kehoe you could probably make something of yourself if you weren't such a spineless jellyfish". Actually that was the most motivational thing ever said to me.

Adivsory Room withe Norman Frey: he marched to a differant drummer

Gail Kelly: too young, RIP

Playing the violin for 3 years at NTE and no one knowing about it.

Touch football games.

Frank Watkins calling my name out when tackles where made on the football field and I wasn't even near the play. Thanks to him I made All Suburban League.

Finally, looking back on it, My classmates were all really good people.

Junior High School Attended:

St Joe's Wilmette

High School Attended: (NTE, NTW, or name of another school)


Colleges Attended & Degrees:

Northern Illiniois, U. of Southern California

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Raymond Kehoe has a birthday today.
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Raymond Kehoe has a birthday today.
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