Kinetic Wellness?
Posted Monday, June 15, 2015 10:31 PM

Yes, 'kinetic wellness' is the official new name for gym class, a.k.a. PE at New Trier.  Why?  I don't know.  It sounds grammatically wrong and pretentious.  Somebody decided it was more hip, I suppose.  I recently escorted my sister around the NT campus when she was in town, as she wanted to conjur up some memories.  Kinetic wellness was in progress out doors, and it was co-ed.  Boys and girls playing tennis and field hockey.  I work with many New Trier students, and have learned that boys now are granted the use of swim trunks during swimming class.  It was naked for us guys in the '60s.  I always thought it was weird, if not unseemly.  We got used to it, though.  Maybe a concerned parent complained.  Good for her/him! 

Kinetic wellnes, huh?  I suppose my TV is a planar optical output device, my keyboard a digital input facilitator, and my wallet a repository for accepted medium of exchange.  Why not?  I'm no longer an employee, but an 'associate.'