You know you're getting older when...
Posted Thursday, May 22, 2014 10:41 PM

You survey the faces on the el car and realize that every other passenger is younger than you, even the middle aged ones.

There is a small, yet ever growing cityscape of prescription drugs on your night stand.

More than half the actors from your favorite childhood TV shows are deceased.

You read the obituary pages and are relieved to see ages 92, 87, 84 in the first few listings, only to be crestfallen when ages 59, 47 and 36 turn up on the next page.  

You are noticing a preponderance of commercials for products like "Life Alert", "Hoveround" and reverse mortgages.

You pass through the electronics section at Best Buy and have no idea what you are seeing.

You never heard of this year's Grammy award winner.

You are familiar with the word "radiculopathy." 

You get up for breakfast on a Saturday morning.